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In order to achieve this we aim to:

  • ensure that all children are safe, secure, happy and healthy
  • raise self-esteem of all members of the school community
  • encourage children to enjoy learning, understand how to learn and develop an enquiring mind
  • value and respect every member of the school community
  • through a framework of Christian values, to help children to develop as responsible and caring adults
  • help all members of the school community to achieve personal success and reach their full potential
  • provide a wide range of quality learning experiences
  • develop the ability to live and work both co-operatively and independently

School Values

We teach Christian values through our curriculum and collective worship. These are the values that the school community have agreed are the most important for us:









We provide a huge range of sporting opportunities as well as music, drama and creative experiences. We place a high priority on children's personal and social development, behaviour and relationships.

Our Code of Conduct

We respect other people and property.

We are always kind to each other in person and when using technology.

We always work hard and do our best.

We manage our behaviour and feelings in a good way.

We are ready and prepared to learn.

We listen and follow instructions.

We use acceptable language at all times.


At The Minster Primary school we are committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and all our policies and procedures support this commitment. We strongly believe that children have the right to feel safe and to be protected from physical, sexual or emotional abuse and neglect.

The scope of our commitment

At our school safeguarding encompasses child protection, safer recruitment, managing allegations against members of staff as well as our approach to the Child In Need process. It is also supported by our approach to behaviour management, our response to managing bullying, our response to care and control, our response to children who are absent from school and our health and safety procedures. These are documented in separate policies, which refer to our approach when dealing with negative impact of technology upon children's well-being where this is relevant.

Throughout our work we have a clear commitment to supporting families. We aim to work well in partnership with parents/carers and any other agencies to promote the welfare of our children.

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