Welcome to our school

Minster School is in Emwell Street, at the western end of the town with a catchment area that includes the village of Upton Scudamore. At present an average of about 219 children attend the school, coming from all areas of Warminster.

The school stands in a lovely garden setting in an elevated position looking over the town. The main building, dating from 1882, contains four classrooms for the younger children, staff accommodation, the music room, school library and a cookery area. Years 4, 5, 6 classrooms are in a Pratten block at the top of the playqround with Year 3 very close by in a purpose-built classroom. The Pratten block includes a  dining hall and a kitchen. We also have a stand-alone superb activities hall which provides fantastic opportunities for physical education and drama, and is also used by the community.

The grounds comprise three playing fields with many well-established trees, ornamental gardens, a school pond and a very old weeping ash which forms the backdrop to the playground. There is a Foundation Stage play area with equipment designed to develop young children’s physical and imaginative abilities.

The school is a voluntary-controlled Church of England school, with close links with the Minster Church. There is a strong ethos of caring and children are taught to respect and care for each other and to follow an agreed code of values and behaviour. The Minster School is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and has robust child protection procedures.  The school was recognised as a ‘good’ school by Ofsted in 2010.

What do the children think of our school?

We persevere to achieve our rewards and to show all of our values like determination.  We are always tenacious and also everyone encourages us to give 100% in all lessons.  We are a sporty school and we keep ourselves fit.  We try our best to use as many resources to make our writing better.  All of our teachers have hearts of loving kindness.' 

Emily (Year 6)

'The pupils at our school are determined to do their best, be kind and helpful but most of all to always be ready and prepared to learn.' 

Jacob (Year 6)

'Our school always gives 100% in every subject that we do.  We have lots of sports teams such as swimming, rugby, football, golf, cricket, gymnastics and hockey. I feel really safe in the school grounds.  We have two massive fields and one huge playground as well as a tipi and a timber trail.  Also the teachers are kind and have lots of talents and always want you to do your best in everything. Furthermore, we always are determined.  If it's sunny we have a picnic on the playground. I wish I could stay at this school forever, it's amazing.'

Morgan (Year 6)

'I like our school because we are kind, friendly and have lots of fun.  Good results from our exams show that we are happy at our school.'

Luke (Year 6)