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Young Heads

Bike It Plus

Our Bike It Plus Champions work with Mrs Roberts and Jo Collett from Sustrans to support the children and parents in walking, cycling and scooting to school.  They have organised a number of events during the school years including a 'Bling your Bike' day.  On Friday 6th February they worked with Jo Collett to work out the safe routes to school for our children.  We are hoping to achieve our bronze award very soon.

Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors have been very busy.  They attend regular Sports Ambassador meetings at Kingdown School and have set up a Change for Life lunchtime club with the help of Mrs Milburn.  Recently, they invited the children to apply to become members of the school's 'Sports Crew'.  These children have now been appointed and we look forward to hearing about what they have got planned!

Mentors and Prefect

The mentors and prefects have many roles.  These include ensuring Key Stage 1 children and any new children to the school are happy and have friends to play with.  They also monitor cloakrooms and do a range of jobs around the school to help staff.

The Newspaper Team

Every term, the newspaper team (formed of nine very talented writers from years 5 and 6) produce 'The Minster Mirror' newspaper.  A copy of this is distrubuted to every child.  It contains all the news of the month, sporting achievements, activities and competitons.

School Council

Two children from every class are members of the School Council.  They meet regularly with Mrs Drew and discuss a range of issues and ideas.  Recently the children have been talking to their classmates about how safe they feel in school and if they have any ideas how we can make this better. 

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