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The children have been sharing their acts of kindness with the school during the lockdown period. 

Well done everyone!

smileyA big well done to Ben for helping his sister tidy up all her art things from the lounge without be asked by mum and dad.

What a superstar!smileysmiley

Harry has been extremely kind to his younger brother who started potty training this weekend. Harry has helped, encouraged and supported him with his new milestone. He created a sticker chart for his little brother and helps him put his stickers on. What a wonderful role model! smiley

Well done to Bryce and Hughie! Bryce has started making his own bed every day since lockdown began and Hughie has been improving his tidy up skills!  Bryce also likes to leave notes for his family when they need cheering up. smiley

Well done to Skye for making breakfast for her mum today - a lovely act of kindness. heart

Evelyn's mum said she is the manager of laundry because she folds all the clothes for everyone in the house.yes She has also been helping her little sister when her mum is busy.  Well done Evelyn! blush

Theo has been very kind and helpful. He has done his school work with enthusiasm and without complaint. He has helped with tidying, chores and playing nicely with his brother and sister. Theo has also been very good with understanding why he cannot see his friends. Theo is a superstar! winkyes

Skye made a cup of tea and coffee for her mum and dad this monring. What a lovely start to the day for them!yes

Evelyn invited her younger sister to do yoga with her today and it made her feel calm and relaxed. 

Evelyn also sets up the table for family meal times. smileyheart

Evelyn helped her sister with her art project and helped her mum do the recycling. She made lunch for her mum and helped her little sister with her daily exercise. smileyheart

Jazmine is a superstar! smiley She has been helping at home by getting dressed by herself, making her bed and getting the toothbrushes ready for the family. She received some money from her Nanny when she lost a tooth and she kindly spent half on her baby brother. Jazmine is so attentive to her baby brother, she always plays with him and encourages him to be a good boy.  She wrote some lovely cards for her cousins because she misses them. 

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